About us
As with the Rubiks Cube, learning a new language requires a lot of patience and perseverance. However, with the right tricks, the colorful tiles fit together playfully and it is suddenly fun to solve it. This is our ultimate goal, so that you not only learn something new, but that you gain confidence while having fun.

Our motivation

Teaching and seeing the progress of each student is a true joy. The passion to teach is always reignited when individual goals are set and achieved together. Your successes are just as fulfilling for us and motivate us.

Your success
Reaching your goal is our top priority.
Your security
Seeing you become more confident and articulate is what drives us.
Your individuality
It's always exciting to see how differently each of us learns and how to promote the part that you need to be successful
Our story
The small flame, which was accompanied by nervousness, quickly developed into a big flame and filled me with such joy when I discovered teaching for myself after my German studies.

20 Jahre sind vergangen und diese Freude am Unterrichten brennt immer noch. In meiner Zeit des Lehrens habe ich jedoch festgestellt, wie jeder anderes Werkzeug braucht, um das gewünschte Ziel zu kommen.

Thus was born Language Cube, an exclusive language school with a focus on the individual, which can cater to the individual's learning style privately or in small groups.

It is not easy when you come to a country where you don't know the local language, not only does everything seem foreign to you, the lack of language skills makes it difficult to connect anywhere.

At Language Cube, we focus a lot of our learning methods on communication, so that you can feel confident and enjoy having conversations. With enthusiasm we do everything we can to help you pass your desired language exams.