How can I learn German quickly and easily?

You've probably asked yourself, "How can I learn German quickly?" or "How can I learn German easily?" So have we.

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That's why we have compiled all the options for you, how you can learn German effectively & efficiently and achieve your language goals without any problems. In this article, you will find an overview of all the options and their exact comparison.


We will also explain where you can learn German and why our comparison winner Germancube is the perfect choice for you.

The comparison of all your options to learn to speak German

These options are available to you to increase your level of German:


  • Learning with friends "The price tip
  • Social media groups
  • German-Learn-Apps
  • Private German teacher
  • LanguageCube "The comparison winner"


We have created a simple and clear comparison table for you, so that you can compare the different ways to learn German:


Learning with friends "The price tip Social media groups German-Learn-Apps Private German teacher LanguageCube "The comparison winner"
Total ranking 54/100 Points 35/100 Points 45/100 Points 73/100 Points 90/100 Points
Learn systems 35P 10P 50P 90P 95P
Learnpotential 40P 15P 40P 85P 100P
Group size Spontaneous group size alone alone alone Group of
max. 5 Persons
Online classes No Yes Yes Ja/Nein Yes
Lessons on site Yes No No Yes Yes
Learning speed 40P 15P 30P 85P 100P
Price 100P 100P 60P 30P 60P

Learning with friends "The price tip"

The most flexible way to learn German is to do it directly with your friends who speak German as their native language. But in doing so, the different topics & materials are limited and therefore cannot replace a professional German lesson for a quick and easy learning process.


However, the theoretical and grammatical basis is often missing to get a feeling for the language. Our recommendation: Attending classes at a language school (such as LanguageCube) and learning with friends is the best way to learn German quickly, easily and in the long term.



  • Flexibility
  • Start learning German for free



  • Little learning potential, as little new is added over time
  • Learning speed rather slow: learning systems, material & application limited
  • No structured learning process and thus little to no building knowledge possible
  • Grammatical errors can creep in right from the start

Social media groups

On social media, there are several groups designed for learners of German. Questions can be asked about topics and some participants also provide a few tasks.


However, we recommend these groups only for short comprehension questions, as there are hardly any tasks and they are not structured in any way, which makes your learning progress significantly slower and is not goal-oriented.



  • Learn for free
  • Quick answers for small comprehension questions



  • No structure in the exercises, thus no building knowledge possible
  • Responses from helpers could contain errors
  • Hardly possible to learn German efficiently, because there are hardly any tasks that fit your level of knowledge.
  • Very little variation in exercises and learning systems, speaking cannot be learned at all

Language apps to learn German

Another way to improve your language skills is to use German learning apps. Since all the learning material and exercises are in the app, you always have your language pack with you. Also, most apps with smart features can show your statistics and point out your weakest areas.


However, these German learning apps are always rather superficial and lack structured, building learning material, which means that the comparatively expensive monthly or annual subscriptions do not match the performance. Therefore, we recommend that you use German learning apps only as a supplement to vocabulary learning.


It's best to visit a language school on-site or online to really efficiently advance yourself in overall understanding and the various individual use cases such as speaking and writing.



  • Learn from everywhere
  • Statistics and synchronization of your learning status



  • Mostly only superficial topics without building up learning material for complete German beginners
  • No individual tasks like speaking and writing possible: Thus you are missing a very important part of the language, which you cannot train in this way.
  • Often price intensive for little learning material and few learning materials

Private German teacher

Of course, you can also expand your language knowledge with a private German teacher. Here the biggest advantage is that you can learn individually with the teacher and your questions can be addressed.


However, the price for a private German teacher is very high compared to group lessons, where the important group exchange that is missing here would be present. Also, a private language teacher does not have the same sophisticated learning materials and usually brings less experience than a teacher of a language school.



  • Totally individual learning possible
  • Room for your questions and needs



  • Price due to individual lessons significantly higher than group lessons
  • No group exchange that helps to deepen what has been learned
  • Less learning materials & less experience than a professional language school
  • Only one teacher: if this teacher is absent, the lessons cannot take place

LanguageCube "The comparison winner"

For German learners LanguageCube offers the optimal total package. In interactive & individual lessons from level A1 to C1, all sub-areas are covered comprehensively: Reading, listening, writing and speaking. In order for you to learn German as quickly as possible, your group will be a maximum of 5 people, leaving room for your individual questions.


Your learning sessions will take place either on-site or online - whichever suits you better. Check out the next courses now and take your German to the next level easily & quickly!



  • Small group sizes with exchange among learners for maximum learning effect
  • Easily get to know other German learners & exchange experiences
  • Room for your individual questions and needs
  • Large library of books to deepen German while reading in depth
  • On-site & online courses possible
  • Level A1 to C1



  • Not free (However, better learning effect)

The best tips to learn German efficiently

  1. Set realistic and motivating goals, preferably based on a positive experience (e.g. until the next outing or visit to the cinema).
  2. Learn the important basic words first, so that you can quickly hold conversations with German speakers - because these will get you ahead intuitively and fully.
  3. Find your personal learning style. Do you learn better alone or in a group? Do you remember words better when you focus on learning or do you learn intuitively with German-language videos or podcasts?
  4. Practice German regularly with native speakers for proper use of your vocabulary.
  5. Take a language course online or on-site to improve your level in a sustainable way, for example in the practical courses of Learn more now and improve your German language level together with other beginners.

Where can I learn German (The options)

The overview of all your options, from where you can start learning

  • On site
  • Online
  • Hybrid solution between on-site and online
  • LanguageCube

Which place to learn German easily and quickly suits me?

To help you decide if you want to learn German from the comfort of your own home or if you prefer to learn on-site, we'll give you some decision criteria to consider. When you weigh these points for on-site or online classes, you should easily find the perfect place for you to learn German easily and quickly.


We recommend you to weigh these criteria:

  • Ability to learn
  • Motivation
  • Attention
  • How do you take notes?
  • Your schedule
  • Travel time to the training location
  • Flexibility
  • Laptop or PC available?

This is why LanguageCube is the optimal choice for every type of learner

Whether you prefer to learn online or on-site: The German language school offers you both! You simply choose the place where you want to learn German from level A1 to C1 and off you go.


At LanguageCube, classes are held in small groups with a maximum of 5 people to give you the maximum learning effect. This way you are always interactive and learn German in the best and fastest way. Also, with 5 learners per group, LanguageCube can customize the learning session and answer your questions at any time and discuss them individually.


At all levels, LanguageCube focuses comprehensively on the sub-areas: Reading, Listening, Writing and Speaking. This way you learn the language in all its applications and your brain can make important connections between understanding and implementation.


Check out LanguageCube's upcoming on-site and online courses now and learn German easily and quickly.